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From research and development to full-scale test labs and facilities, we’re dedicated to empowering customers to create better industrial operations, and therefore a better world.

Research & Development

With full research and development capabilities, including a dedicated “Skunk Works” team and workshop where we develop disruptive solutions, we are dedicated to driving industry advancements and forging new solutions for our customers and for the world.


Pilot Plant

Our 15,000-square-foot, fully functional pilot plant sets the standard for new innovations and safety, giving you access to real-world capabilities within a controlled, confidential environment. The only facility of its kind in North America, our pilot plant is a global resource for preparation, extraction, refining, biodiesel, renewable diesel pretreatment, oleochemical, and specialty extraction customers around the world. Our classroom and hands-on training empowers your workforce to operate and maintain equipment skillfully and safely. And, at every step, you benefit from the process engineering ingenuity and equipment know-how of our engineers and Piloting and R&D teams.

Innovation Labs

Equipped with a wide range of systems and process equipment to support product and process development, as well as the ability to run scale-up testing under production conditions, our Innovation Labs have a comprehensive range of processing equipment available for customer testing.

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