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By deploying our industry-leading oil and plant-based protein extraction processes and proprietary equipment, and robust machinery and parts to make pelleted animal feed, we’re committed to creating sustainable food solutions on a global scale, for people and animals alike.

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Animal Nutrition


Our equipment creates the ground and pelleted feed for poultry, hogs, and other livestock, aquatic feed for fish, shrimp, and other aquatic species, and pet food for our furry companions.

Animal Feed

We've been in the animal feed industry for generations. We focus on building equipment that will last, so our customers know our machines will continually operate and achieve high performance at low operating costs. Whether you need to grind, condition, pellet, or cool, we can meet the demands of almost every conceivable application. Explore Animal Feed Solutions

Aqua Feed

Using our distinctively designed equipment for fine-grinding and pelleting, our customers can create the specialized feed required for fish, shrimp, and other aquatic animals. From extra long-term conditioners to special die configurations to provide optimum water stability, we offer equipment and solutions specifically designed for the unique aquaculture industry.
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Pet Food

Pet owners and pet food producers require only the best. For grinding, batching, recipe management, and more, we offer robust machinery and trusted automation controls that are as dependable as our own furry friends. Our solutions cover all of the needs in the pet food production process, whether it’s receiving, grinding, batching, or scaling.
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Consumer Food


Our extraction processes help us innovate nutrition by enabling the creation of products like edible oils and plant-based foods, our equipment is used to make cereal and snack foods, and even cook up your order at your favorite fast-food spot.

Food Processing

What goes into your food processing operation is what comes out. That’s why customers rely on us for our advanced food processing machinery and technology. Our food processing equipment can fit right into your complete food processing system no matter the output, from snack foods to breakfast foods and everything in-between. Our comprehensive food processing equipment portfolio includes dryers, puffers, toasters, bake ovens, grills, griddles, and more.
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Oilseed and Specialized Extraction

We are pioneers in continuous solvent extraction, constantly innovating new solvent extraction techniques and equipment design for the efficient production of high-quality vegetable oil and meal from a wide variety of oilseeds. Our process engineering know-how even goes beyond the extraction process. From the raw seed through all stages of processing, we provide a complete solution to the oilseed processing and specialized extraction industries.
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Plant-Based Protein

We're creating new possibilities for the future of food. For dehulling, de-oiling, white flakes, and protein concentrate, our plant protein technologies and custom engineered solutions allow you to develop and produce consistent products with the highest protein quality. As a committed life-cycle partner, we can help you turn your plant-based protein ideas into reality to meet global consumer demands for more sustainable, healthier food options.

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