Brand Overview

CPM offers high-quality equipment solutions for pelleting, grinding, crushing, crumbling, flaking, shredding, and conditioning applications and serves end markets including animal feed, oilseed, biomass, waste, and more.

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Key Products and Services

Animal Feed

CPM has more than 80 years of experience in the animal feed industry. CPM equipment is designed to meet the challenges and demands of feed manufacturing and production. CPM equipment offers customized grinding solutions, comprehensive pelleting options, consistent flaking, accurate and high-speed weighing, optimal conditioning, uniform crumbling, and more.


Whether it’s getting a consistent flake, a clean crack, or densely compacted pellets, CPM pelleting and grinding equipment can handle your oilseed production needs. CPM equipment can be found in oilseed plants around the globe—and it’s no wonder. These high-capacity, efficient machines can run 24 hours a day, providing maximum uptime. Because CPM parts and dies are made with the highest quality material, you’re less likely to experience breakage, corrosion, and wear caused by abrasive material.


CPM pelleting and briquetting equipment promotes sustainability and processes hard and soft woods, torrefied wood, straw, grass, and husks, as well as fast-growing fuel crops for the biomass industry. CPM equipment is durable, reliable, and capable of running 24/7, thus maximizing customer uptime. Use CPM equipment to recycle wood and biomass into eco-friendly energy, recover valuable materials from grinding sludge, turn metal swarfs into smelting material, and save money on transport costs by turning other industrial byproducts into briquettes or pucks.


CPM equipment is developed and built for a diverse range of products and applications where materials need to be densified or reduced in size. For the waste market, our equipment can process materials including industrial fibers, waste plastic additives, coffee grounds, chicken manure, organic and inorganic fertilizers, graphite, citrus and other fruits, paper, minerals, and more.

Consumer Food

For more than 40 years, the food industry has turned to CPM equipment for its particle reduction and agglomeration. In fact, CPM started in the food industry, with machines that processed grapes for winemakers. No matter the need – be it flaking, crushing, steaming, pelleting, or weighing – CPM has a solution.

Other Industries

Whether it’s paper, plastics, crab shells, pecan shells, metal, or wood, CPM equipment has processed almost every conceivable material. If you have something you just don’t know what to do with, CPM equipment can help.


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