When a key industry event takes place, you’ll find CPM there in the middle of the action.

Learn where and when our next exciting event, conference, or trade show takes place and make sure to visit CPM there to hear our experts speak, learn more about our latest technologies and solutions and network with our team.

Feeding a Better World

Feed and Food Events

At CPM, we’re dedicated to enhancing food processing and production.  Our solutions are essential to the creation of products like edible oils and plant-based foods to drive innovation in the nutrition market and our equipment is used to make cereal, snack foods, and more.  

Our equipment creates the ground and pelleted animal feed for poultry, hogs, and other livestock; aquafeed for fish, shrimp and other aqua species; and pet food for our furry companions. By connecting with CPM at these events, you gain firsthand knowledge of how our equipment supports animal and human health and nutrition.

Fueling a Better World

Green Energy Events

CPM is at the cutting edge of green energy solutions. Our machines help produce renewable diesel, ethanol, sustainable aviation fuel, and biogas, contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable future. Additionally, we manufacture equipment for creating pellets, firelogs, and briquettes that serve as sustainable and cleaner-burning fuel options. Our participation in green energy events is your opportunity to learn about innovations in renewable energy and how they can be integrated into your operations.

Building a Better World

Advanced Materials and Sustainable Packaging Events

Our commitment extends to improving efficiency and sustainability in material processing and packaging. CPM’s extrusion machines are crucial for solving complex challenges in chemistry, compounding, rubber, and recycling. We also design, build, and service can handling and conveyor systems, emphasizing the use of recyclable materials like aluminum. These events are ideal for exploring how advanced manufacturing and recycling technologies can enhance your business practices.

At CPM, we don’t just attend events—we work to shape them. By bringing together  experts, innovators, and industry leaders, we foster environments conducive to learning and networking. Connect with us to see how our technologies and solutions are making a tangible difference in the world.

Stay tuned to our events page for upcoming conferences, trade shows, and seminars that align with your interests and needs, and ensure you’re part of the future of industry innovation.

21 May, 2024
Consumer Food

Bakery China

22 May, 2024
Animal Nutrition

Livestock & Aquaculture

Manila, Philippines
4 June, 2024
Advanced Materials


Lyon, France
5 June, 2024
Consumer Food


São Paulo, Brazil
5 June, 2024
Green Energy

Biofuel Expo

Greater Noida, U.P., India
10 June, 2024
Green Energy


Frankfurt, Germany
10 June, 2024
Green Energy

FEW – Biodiesel & Renewable Diesel Summit

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
12 June, 2024
Animal Nutrition

Agritec Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya
12 June, 2024
Consumer Food

Propack Asia

Bangkok, Thailand
18 June, 2024
Green Energy

Biofuels International Conference & Expo

Brussels, Belgium
19 June, 2024
Green Energy

Plastics Recycling Show Europe

Amsterdam, Netherlands
19 June, 2024
Consumer Food


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