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To build a better world, we’re starting with the materials. Through extensive research and development, we’re revolutionizing the ability for producers to create new, more sustainable materials from eco-friendly sources.

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Compounding Systems
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Extrusion Solutions for Sustainable Rubber Processing
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Pelleting, Grinding, and Briquetting Solutions for Recycling
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Sustainable Can-Handling and Conveyor Systems for Beverage Packaging
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Advanced Materials

From the extrusion machines that help create parts for mobility markets to solving complex recycling challenges that let us turn discarded materials into their original ingredients, we contribute the materials and processes to build a better world.


We offer complete compounding systems and lines to satisfy customer requirements ranging from basic to advanced. Our compounding solutions can also enable the creation of eco-friendly building materials such as bio-plastics and synthetic rubber. Using the highest quality materials available and supported by the best in design, engineering, manufacturing, and field service, we are the perfect compounding partner.
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We're creating innovative solutions to improve the recycling process for industries around the world. With our portfolio of innovative pelleting, grinding, and briquetting solutions, we transform waste products into reusable materials, a major step in the recycling process. With unmatched reliability and ease of use, all of our machinery is built to handle a wide variety of demanding applications.
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Our extrusion solutions and chemical process systems allow for continuous rubber processing, empowering sustainable industrial operations, such as the creation of Green Tires. Through our expertise in chemical extraction, we also apply the know-how to help our partners make natural rubber from dandelion roots. Whether it's through our advanced machinery or advanced process engineering, we help customers achieve customized rubber formulations.
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Sustainable Packaging


We design, build, and service can-handling and conveyor systems that allow customers to capitalize on available space and promote recycling by using aluminum, one of the most recyclable materials in the world today.

Metal Packaging

Aluminum is one of the most recyclable packaging materials available on the market. We make our machines with that in mind, ensuring our customer partners can use this incredible material as sustainably as possible. With a focus on optimizing energy usage and maximizing floor space, we create sustainable beverage and food packaging solutions for every step in the system, from the washers, dryers, and ovens that prepare the cans to the conveyors that move them.
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