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Brand Overview

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Extricom Extrusion offers ring and twin extrusion technologies and develops patented process sections and complete machinery in CPM innovation labs. Extricom also serves Europe as an extrusion equipment aftermarket parts supplier.

Key Products and Services

Twin Ring Extruders

Extricom’s CXE Twin Screw Extruders are made in Germany and the US with premium materials, tailored to meet customer needs. The CXE series offers versatile machines to suit various application segments.

RingExtruder RE®

Extricom’s RingExtruder RE® offers a patented solution for challenging shear-sensitive applications in continuous compounding of rubber, PET-Recycling and adhesives. With 12 screw shafts arranged symmetrically in a rotating ring, the technology reduces barrel and screw wear, compensating for spreading forces. The latest XPV Series features an improved cooling system.

Compounding Systems

Extricom Extrusion offers complete and modular compounding systems to meet various customer requirements. Complete compounding systems have the capability to satisfy customer requirements ranging from basic to very advanced system specification and construction. Modular compounding systems represent an alternative to conventional project build.

Innovation Center

Our state-of-the-art innovation center reflects the comprehensive supply in our extrusion solutions and offerings. Due to the wide variation of machinery, automation and auxiliary devices, our customers’ R&D and application teams can develop a wide range of products, recipes, processes and utilization improvements, and Start of Production (SOP) methodologies.

Full Lifecycle Support

Extricom offers true partnership to its customers, providing them with innovative solutions and superior support and service throughout the lifecycle of the equipment. Whether it is new equipment, remanufacturing, training, testing, parts, or process optimization, we have you covered.

  • Components: Extricom components for extruders, including the largest database of screw elements, barrel sections, screw shafts, and auxiliary equipment available to all leading OEM suppliers.
  • Services: Extricom’s experienced service team provides innovative solutions through their Innovation Lab, consulting and training programs, wear inspection, stackout service, and retrofits and upgrades to enhance understanding of processes and components.

Extricom Extrusion

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