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Always-On Support

At CPM, we’re dedicated to making sure your equipment and operations are running at their best.

Supporting Your Success


Whether it’s replacing worn parts, upgrading systems to maximize their efficiency, or testing out processes to see where they can be improved, we are focused on making sure your equipment and operations are running at their full potential.

Parts & Supplies

Our parts and supplies are built to their original specifications, so if you ever need to order a replacement, you can trust that it will match the high quality of the rest of your process. We also manufacture pellet mill dies, roller shells, and roller replacement parts for all makes and models of pellet mills.


Upgrades & Remanufacturing

We offer upgrade and remanufacturing solutions to sustainably replace critical components for your hard-working operation. This will not only keep your equipment operating like new, but will also enable it to perform new and more advanced applications as technology evolves.

Field Services

In the event that your equipment needs service or your operation requires any other onsite support, a field-service technician from our team of experts will be there to help. No matter the call, our dedicated technicians will stay there until the issue is fixed.

Training & Testing

We offer comprehensive training for the operation of all of our machinery, so you can get the most out of every part and process. Our testing facilities are here to help you maximize the efficiency of your operation at every step.

Process Optimization

We help our customers and partners optimize their manufacturing operations by providing ways to increase output sustainably and efficiently through the implementation of improvements in areas such as automated machinery, quality monitoring, maintenance scheduling, and beyond.

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