Greenbank Technology

Brand Overview

Greenbank Technology is well-known in the can making industry, offering energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and high-quality can handling systems and products.

Key Products and Services

Torrent Can Washer

Greenbank Technology’s Torrent Can Washer features multiple rinse stages and reduces water and energy usage, while also reducing chemical carryover, to deliver cans ready for the decoration process.

Tornado Dryers

Greenbank Technology’s Tornado Dryer reduces energy and floor space required by conventional dryers by up to 60 percent, providing improved can stability and drying the can in under 60 seconds when combined with the company’s Torrent washers, resulting in flawless decoration.

Omega Pin Ovens

Incorporating unrivaled industry features, Greenbank Technology’s Omega Pin Oven provides efficient and uniform heat transfer, resulting in low spoilage and high-speed production.

Internal Bake Ovens

Greenbank Technology’s Internal Bake Ovens are designed and manufactured with the goal of reducing energy consumption and providing an environmentally friendly workplace.

Condition Monitoring

Greenbank Technology offers Condition Monitoring systems as an option on all their machines, allowing plants to plan maintenance, reduce unexpected downtime, and ensure maximum lifespan of components.

Other Equipment

Greenbank Technology designs and manufactures custom equipment for various industries, utilizing sophisticated air handling and thermal processing techniques, including highly sophisticated drying and curing systems, contactless air drying systems, flotation dryers, thermal oxidizers, and outside bake ovens, such as vacuum transfer systems for drying and curing external coatings without pins.

Greenbank Technology

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