Wolverine Proctor

Brand Overview

Wolverine Proctor is a leading brand in thermal equipment for the food processing industry, with turnkey capabilities in cereal production and snack processing lines, and custom-made equipment built for maximum energy efficiency, quick installation, and adaptability.

Key Products and Services

Consumer Food

Wolverine Proctor equipment and processing technologies are designed and engineered to meet the production needs of a wide variety of unique food processing applications including cereals, snacks, and nut products. Wolverine Proctor solutions fit directly into a complete food processing system to ensure optimal efficiency and the highest-quality end product.


Wolverine Proctor offers world-class tobacco processing equipment, engineered to ensure outstanding results every single time, meeting the needs of virtually every tobacco processor, no matter how tough.

Engineered Materials

Wolverine Proctor provides fiber processing solutions with industry-leading equipment designed to dry, cure, and laminate at the lowest possible operating costs as well as process equipment for heavy chemicals, pharmaceuticals, synthetic fibers, and other chemical substances.

Wolverine Proctor

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