Brand Overview

Dorssers offers pellet mill dies, roller shells, and roller replacement parts for all makes and models of pellet mills in the feed and biomass industries. Dorssers products are manufactured at the largest pellet mill die manufacturing facility in North America. Dorssers offers in-house produced rolled ring forgings, quick delivery times, and unmatched customer satisfaction.

Key Products and Services

Pellet Mill Dies

Dorssers’ pellet mill dies are forged in-house using North American steel, gun-drilled to superfinish, vacuum-hardened, heat-treated, and produce with the highest quality assurance standards.

Straight Corrugated Roller Shells

Dorssers’ straight corrugated roller shells, available with open or closed ends, are the most sought-after in the industry, known for their minimal slippage and exceptional resistance to die plugging.

Helical Corrugated Roller Shells

Dorssers offers helical corrugated roller shells with either open or closed ends, which are specifically designed for applications that produce uneven die wear.

Dimpled Roller Shells

Dorssers offers dimpled roller shells, ideal for optimal die wear and hole peening.

Roller Replacement Parts

Dorssers produces roller replacement parts for all types of roller assemblies.

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