Planet Dryers

Brand Overview

Planet Dryers offers a comprehensive selection of food machinery, including roasters, toasters, and thermal expansion equipment, as well as innovative machinery for cutting, flavoring, conveying, and other special-purpose applications.

Key Products and Services


Planet Dryers offers a range of cost-effective and uniform drying solutions, with custom conveyor-band dryers designed for various industries, such as cereals, snacks, nuts, pet food, aqua feed, and more. Planet Dryers dryers provide precise temperature control and efficient operation with the ability to divide the drying chamber into multiple sections, and the option to choose heating systems including gas, steam, thermal oil, or electric.


Planet Dryers offers custom-built coolers that are designed to provide fixed or variable speed fans and include air distribution plenum plates, with each unit tailored to specific requirements of filtered ambient or chilled air speed suitable for the product’s size and density. Planet Dryers coolers are built with hygiene in mind, featuring access panels, hinged hoods, and swing-away product guides, with various belt types and materials available and made from high-grade 304 stainless steel.


Planet Dryers offers a range of multipurpose cutters in various sizes, including chipstick cutters, all manufactured with high-grade 304 stainless steel and designed to suit evolving requirements for a diverse range of applications, such as pet treats, crisp bread, and pasta products.

Roasting Machines

Planet Dryers offers custom-built roasting machines designed to match individual production requirements, with options for integral cooling sections, stand-alone cooling conveyor systems, band wash systems, coating systems, and specialized feed systems, all built to incorporate high levels of sanitation and easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Flavor Systems

Planet Dryers’ flavor systems, made with high-grade stainless steel, allow for full and even coating with adjustable retention time and temperature control, providing ease of cleaning and maneuverability for specific flavor requirements.


Planet Dryers offers a unique design service for their catalog of conveyors, with elevating, flat belt, and vibratory conveyors available with fixed or variable speed drives, tailored dimensions and configurations, and easy-to-clean materials for trouble-free operation.

Planet Dryers

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