Beta Raven

Brand Overview

Beta Raven prides ourselves in helping customers overcome the challenges of achieving product quality and promoting safety through automation. We firmly believe that automation is an essential next step for manufacturers looking to gain an edge in a competitive market. That’s why we’ve worked for more than four decades to lead the way in process automation, scale manufacturing, and liquid control. Let us show you how our innovative systems are setting the pace for advancement in the feed mill, bakery, and premix industries and beyond.

Key Products and Services

MM4 Automation System

The MM4 family of systems automates and maximizes the efficiency of your most vital operations to ensure that your products are created quickly and accurately.

MM4 Receiving

MM4 Receiving collects important information about your ingredient shipments and makes certain they are routed to the correct bin or warehouse location.

MM4 Grinding

MM4 Grinding has the capability to draw ingredients from their bins, grind them, and route them to the correct ground ingredient bins, all with little or no attention from an operator.

MM4 Batching

MM4 Batching will automatically and accurately integrate scaled ingredients, add metered liquids to produce a precisely mixed batch of mash, and route it to the correct bins.

MM4 Pelleting

MM4 Pelleting automation efficiently controls your pellet mill to maximize productivity and prevent downtime.

MM4 Loadout

MM4 Loadout will quickly and accurately load your trucks, generating a detailed ticket designed to satisfy growers and maximize regulatory compliance.

Beta Raven

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