Brand Overview

Crown Iron Works is a trusted global supplier of oilseed extraction technologies for a reason. With centuries of history and industry experience under our belt, we’ve delivered superior value processing and agricultural solutions to our customers since 1878, leading the competition when it comes to quality.

Key Products and Services

Hemp / CBD

Crown’s environmentally responsible extraction process enables customers to get the most out of their resources by carrying out maximum, end-to-end hemp and CBD oil extraction.

Specialty Chemicals

Crown offers extraction, desolventization and drying equipment for the specialty chemical industries. This equipment can be used for the extraction of compounds from synthesized materials, washing products of reaction from synthesized materials, and more.

Food Products

We provide the safe and environmentally-conscious manufacturing processes – from pulp-washing to oil production – necessary to produce high-quality food products your customers will love.

Plant-Based Proteins

We seek to promote the plant-based food industry by providing highly efficient manufacturing processes for plant-based protein concentrates that deliver excellent results.


Crown is a reliable resource for the nutraceutical industry, offering all of the necessary manufacturing processes to efficiently produce high-quality supplements.

Polymers / Waxes / Fibers

Crown offers extraction, desolventization and drying equipment for the polymer, fiber and wax marketplace, with applications such as the extraction of active materials from plants and the drying of temperature-sensitive products.


Corporate Headquarters