CPM’s Extrusion Innovation Lab: Where Solutions Are Made

CPM Extrusion Innovation Lab
Nestled within Germany’s wine country, CPM is at work creating solutions for its customers.

CPM’s innovation lab, located in Lauffen, Germany, is the only one in the world that can run extrusion processes side by side on a co-rotating twin-screw extruder and a multi-ring extruder.

This creates an opportunity to develop a wide range of products, formulations, processes and applications for customers. CPM can define and optimize material properties, and process parameters at an early stage of the project. 

The innovation lab boasts three different sizes of extruders, downstream equipment, a water pelletizing system, hot mud cutting system and more to create a solution in every step of the process. 

Advantages of the CPM Innovation Center

  • Optimization of process in an environment that fosters innovation
  • R&D, service and laboratory team support
  • Wide range of aggregates, auxiliary devices and laboratory equipment
  • Risk mitigation by an in-detail development of the process and a deep understanding of the required process conditions, which is required for the scale-up to the production equipment

For more information on the innovation lab, contact [email protected]

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