CPM Ponca City Test Lab: State of the Art Testing

A person cupping animal feed with two hands, feeding cows in a barn
CPM Test Center – Ponca City, Oklahoma.

The CPM Ponca City Test Lab is set up to perform a variety of testing capabilities in these markets: consumer feed, animal feed, pet food, biomass, wood, ethanol, rendering, hemp markets, and more.

These tests are performed on CPM equipment including: Hammermill, Pellet Mill, Op-Flo Cooler, Shredder/Finisher, and BRIK Press. The equipment, in most cases, is smaller in scale than the actual equipment that is needed to handle the typical high throughput applications that we see on a regular basis. Using the scaled down equipment we can incorporate any number of technical approaches to scale up to the right size equipment for our customer’s specific application, offer a processing guarantee as a result, and give suggestions as to the proper equipment required for their application.

Contact our team to learn more about the CPM Ponca City Test Lab, equipment, technology, and capabilities.

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