IDAH Launches TwinTech Extruder in the Aquafeed & Petfood Market

IDAH TwinTech Extruder
Since 1974, Taiwan-based IDAH has been developing innovative products for the aquafeed, food, pet food and biomass markets. When IDAH joined CPM in 2023, they gained access to a range of collaborative opportunities, expertise and tools that they could use in developing their own products. 

This week, IDAH launched the clearest evidence of that collaboration yet at the VICTAM Asia 2024 exhibition: the all-new TwinTech Twin Screw Co-Rotating Extruder.  

The innovative extruder updates IDAH’s industry-leading twin screw extruder with innovations and design techniques from Ruiya Extrusion, along with a long-lasting gearbox and energy-efficient motor from CPM Industrial Solutions. 

Collaborative Development

“This extruder is a collaboration between IDAH and Ruiya,” says Albert Wang, assistant sales manager at IDAH. “We combined their insights on design and cost efficiency with our knowledge in feed production to introduce a new technology.” 

CPM Industrial Solutions’ gearbox and motor also offer real-world benefits in the TwinTech. 

“The gearbox allows rotational speeds up to 600 RPM, facilitating heavy-duty processing and increased output, along with a proven long-life track record,.” says Wang.

The TwinTech’s motor from CPM Industrial Solutions is a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) that offers significant advantages.  

“The CPM motor has lower energy requirements,” says Wang. “It also has a reduced size, and reduces noise output by about 30%.”  

Combined, these innovations create a market-leading twin screw extruder that delivers capability, value and reliability.  

TwinTech Features

The TwinTech extruder offers a range of new features developed by both IDAH and partner brands within CPM. 

Enhanced Gearbox Technology

Powered by CPM’s field-tested gearbox technology, the TwinTech extruder features a high-speed, heavy-duty gearbox capable of achieving rotational speeds of up to 600 RPM. This allows for increased processing capacity and efficiency.

Energy-Efficient Design 

The TwinTech extruder is powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM, which is highly efficient and about 50% smaller than traditional air-cooled motors. This motor design contributes to energy savings, reduced noise pollution (up to 30% lower) and the option for water cooling to maintain motor efficiency and stability.

Density Control Unit

An optional feature, the density control unit, allows the TwinTech to produce different types of fish feed, including sinking and slow-sinking feeds, by using positive pressure inside the cutter chamber. This versatility allows manufacturers to produce a wide range of fish feed with a single machine.

Advanced Preconditioning and Cooking Systems

The TwinTech extruder introduces a new thermal hydrator and updates the differential diameter conditioner to improve the hydration and retention time of materials. These systems are designed to enhance the cooking process by ensuring efficient steam integration and retention, leading to better processing efficiency and product quality.

TwinTech Extruder Specifications

Model: CPMI TwinTech 12
HP: 250 HP (200 KW)
Capacity: 5-6 tons/hour (Ø 4.0 mm extruder dies)
Applications: Fish feed and pet food 

More Information

For more information on the TwinTech extruder or IDAH’s other products, you can contact IDAH directly; or reach out to our global team to learn more about the entire CPM family of brands that are working to feed, fuel and build a better world.  

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