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Technological Prowess

Our advanced, gun-drilled dies are forged in-house and are meticulously crafted through rigorous quality assurance processes to reduce downtime and improve quality.

Rapid Turnaround Times

With more stock and raw materials in house, experience efficiency like never before with dependable turnaround times to ensure your operations run seamlessly.

Strong Alliances, Stronger Performance

With the integration of Dorssers, CPM becomes your one-stop-shop for dies and rollers for mills of all brands—solidifying our commitment to stronger production and distribution.

Service Beyond Excellence

Our streamlined maintenance program guarantees peak equipment performance, while our on-site assistance sets a new industry standard for problem-solving and customer support.

Industry Innovators

Decades of unparalleled expertise guarantee your success, as we deliver a profound understanding of die science, formulation, and the materials required for efficient pelleting.

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Quality Assurance

CPM Dies quality assurance involves meticulous measurements, including the assessment of hole surface quality at 1.2Ra and the grinding and measurement of six different surfaces to enhance the precision and fit to the machine.

Our process goes beyond visual inspections, employing calipers and measuring equipment to ensure precise details. We consider specific tolerances throughout the die manufacturing process, and utilize specialized tools, such as laser measurements, to guarantee a proper fit for form and function.

Factory Facts

CPM is a global company rooted in key markets with proximity to customers for local support. CPM has several die manufacturing facilities located in North America and Asia.

Maintenance Program

CPM offers roller refurbishment and die rework programs. Contact your Sales Representative for more details.


With the acquisition and expertise of Dorssers, CPM can now support the manufacturing of any die, regardless of make or model.

Materials & Die Types

We offer Chrome and Alloy dies for all pellet mill applications and OEMs.


Pellet Mill Dies find diverse applications, including feed production, biomass processing, and additional uses such as plastics, waste, fertilizers, oilseed, sugar beet, recycling, bagasse, hops, industrial applications, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our lead times vary depending on region and application. For precise details for your request, contact your Sales Representative.

We offer several types of annual contracts for dies, rollers, and service. Contact your Sales Representative for more details.

We offer several types of global contracts for dies, rollers, and service. Contact your sales representative for more details.

CPM offers roller refurbishment and die rework programs. Contact your Sales Representative for more details.

We offer expedited shipping options for dies and rollers. Contact your sales representative for more details.

Contact [email protected] to be connected with a Sales Representative.

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