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Many empty plastic water bottles lying together
Bottle-to-Bottle Plastic Recycling with CPM Extrusion Equipment
Recent reporting shows that in 2021, it's likely that only 5-6% of plastic waste was recycled in the...
Red race car driving on a race track
How CPM Extricom Extrusion is Greening High Performance Racing Tires
CPM’s Extricom Extrusion RingExtruder is making high-performance tire manufacturing a more sustainable,...
Many tennis balls laying together
Solutions Spotlight: Transforming Tennis Balls to Playground Bedding
CPM is proud to be part of a sustainable and impactful solution that transforms old tennis balls into...
Danny Chang, General Manager, IDAH, and Charlie Spearing, General Manager, CPM Process Solutions, shaking hands
CPM Announces the Acquisition of IDAH
CPM announces the acquisition of IDAH, a move that unites two industry leaders behind a shared mission...
CPM Showcases New Biomass Pellet Mill, Twin Track Technology and Customer Portal at LIGNA
CPM will showcase technologies to support customer performance and uptime at the 2023 LIGNA industrial...
Celebrating International Women’s Day: Recognizing the Women of CPM
Happy International Women’s Day! Today, people all around the world are celebrating the social, economic,...
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Grinding Away Costs
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CPM at NPE: A Global Solutions Provider
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A Proven Biofuels Asset
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CPM, Equipment for the Needs of Every Industry
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Mixing Up in the Lab
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Ruiya Marks 30 Years
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Exhibitor Interview: CPM
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Crown’s Next Step in Biofuel Innovation
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Hammermill and Roll Crusher Maintenance and Operation
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CPM Snaps up IDAH
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Preparing for the Future
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CPM Announces the Acquisition of IDAH
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CPM Acquires IDAH
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CPM Announces the Acquisition of IDAH
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Press Releases
two hands holding pellet feed
CPM Client Success Case - Rivelli
In partnership with Rivelli, a company genuinely from Minas Gerais and today one of the most important...
composite decking panels
Turning Broken Shipping Pallets & Plastic Bags Into Stunning Outdoor Spaces
Traditionally, these relaxation-forward structures are made from wood.  And while a wood deck can...
Market Segment Sustainable Products Director Anton Fuerst, Sales Manager Jie Jiang and Global Director of Sales Operations Evelien Lintermans.
Ruiya Extrusion Marks 30-Year Anniversary
Built on a reputation of customer service, reliability and innovation, Ruiya Extrusion is celebrating...
Kunststoff-Zentrum SKZ Expands the Compounding and Extrusion Technical Center With a RingExtruder From CPM
With the new RingExtruder with 12 screws rotating in the same direction at the Plastics Center SKZ, the...
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