Ruiya Extrusion Marks 30-Year Anniversary

Market Segment Sustainable Products Director Anton Fuerst, Sales Manager Jie Jiang and Global Director of Sales Operations Evelien Lintermans.
Built on a reputation of customer service, reliability and innovation, Ruiya Extrusion is celebrating three decades of success.

The CPM brand was founded in 1993 and quickly made a name for itself in the Asian market. 

“Ruiya is the No. 1 brand in China,” General Manager Charles Spearing said. “There’s no question about it. Their application knowledge, service and technology in general is ahead of all others.” 

Ruiya caters to a diverse range of needs, from entry-level to high-end specifications. Its extruders – including the RX/RXT and TSE series – are reliable and universally recognized for their high quality and low maintenance.

The brand is also lauded for its customer service.

“Customer service is essential to be successful in sales,” Ruiya General Manager John Guo said. “We have customers that have bought more than 100 Ruiya extruders over the past 10 years. Only quality and service can delight customers and keep them coming back.”

CPM acquired Ruiya in 2007. Spearing said it was a perfect fit.

“We were evolving in the Americas, and at the time, many of our key customers were investing in capacity in Asia,” he said. “Ruiya was a credible leader in the market, it gave CPM the ability to serve customers directly from Asia and we felt our technology could help Ruiya improve their products and market possession.”

Since then, the Ruiya brand has moved into a state-of-the-art facility in Nanjing, China, after a $10 million investment from CPM. 

“It was in the top handful of brands in China when CPM acquired Ruiya, now it’s No. 1,” Spearing said. “Really, John and the team have just been amazing. John’s a great leader and he’s built a great team that focuses on work ethic and growth.”

With CPM’s technology and processes at the brand’s disposal, it earned a high-tech enterprise certificate in 2016.

“Within our group, Ruiya has been the strongest innovator. They’ve developed a lot of technology and a lot of cool things in the equipment,” Spearing said. “There’s something every year that is new and special.”

Guo said innovation is one of the pillars of Ruiya’s success.

“It can make the difference with competitors,” Guo added. “It can create orders and margins. And it can support the customer for better productivity and cost savings as well.”

As CPM formally celebrates Ruiya’s 30th anniversary Oct. 22 in Nanjing, Spearing has no doubts the brand will have continued success in the next decade.

“A brand is as good as the people that work there, and we have an amazing team,” he said.

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