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From the food you eat to the fuels you require, CPM plays an important role in making the world more efficient and more sustainable. Our experienced team and family of trusted brands are working together to make our planet a better place to live.

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We’re innovating nutrition for both people and animals. Our processes and equipment extract oils and plant-based proteins and create ground and pelleted feed for livestock.



Our extensive experience in processing agricultural material has made us a leader in renewable fuel production. We help our customers create renewable diesel, ethanol, sustainable aviation fuel, biogas, and energy storage technologies, and our machines create wood pellets, firelogs, and briquettes that provide sustainable, renewable, cleaner-burning fuels.


From the extrusion machines that help create parts for mobility markets to processes that solve complex recycling challenges to equipment that promotes the use of sustainable aluminum packaging, we contribute the materials and processes to build a better world.


Let's Feed, Fuel, and Build a Better World Together

Learn how we help advance productivity, achieve cost savings, and deliver solutions for customers.

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Let's Feed, Fuel, and Build a
Better World Together

Learn how we help advance productivity, achieve cost savings, and deliver solutions for customers.

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Empowered by the most advanced tools and techniques available, our technical experts and engineers are committed to helping our partners solve the world’s most complex challenges. Our facilities are designed to innovate existing products and processes and to explore new ones for a more sustainable future.


To facilitate the most advanced processing needs around the globe, we provide robust, high-quality processing equipment and systems. Our processing equipment and solutions have stood the test of time. We continue to innovate to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers, from extrusion machinery to temperature and moisture control systems.


Whether it’s sending a field service technician to provide on-site service or offering training to maximize a product’s lifecycle, our expert support team is dedicated to customer success.


We remain the top choice for automation systems by specializing in innovative technologies, processes, and equipment that ensure we’re prepared to create an efficient solution for any industrial demand.


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